Research Groups

NYU – Center For Cyber Security

Our computational imaging lab at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering is led by Professor Pawel Korus and Professor Nasir Memon.

Rutgers Computer Vision Research Lab

The Computer Vision Lab is part of the electrical and computer engineering department at Rutgers University.

The lab is composed of graduate students Eric Wengrowski, Elie Rosen, Hang Zhang, Parneet Kaur, and Jia Xue.

This group is lead by Professor Kristin Dana.

Kitware Vision Group

Worked on the DARPA-sponsored image forensics project Medifor, a collaboration with Dartmouth University, University of California Berkeley, and University of Albany. Eric worked under the leadership of Dr. Zhaohui Harry Sun and Dr. Anthony Hoogs.

MSR – Interactive Visual Media

Collaborated with Krishnan Ramnath, Neel Joshi, and Michael Cohen at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA in Summer 2015.

Visual MIMO

Visual MIMO is a novel camera-display messaging system that leverages computer vision techniques to exploit the ubiquity of cameras and light emitting displays.

Visual MIMO is a WINLAB interdisciplinary collaboration that combines research in computer vision,  mobile network protocol and design, and theoretical modeling of wireless communication systems.

The visual MIMO team consists of Eric Wengrowski, Viet Nguyen, Yaqin Tang, Revan Sopher, Joe Boyle, Wenjia Yuan, Ashwin Ashok, Marco Gruteser, Kristin Dana, and Narayan Mandayam.